2018 Fall Winter Colors


Fall 2018 is abundant with sleek silhouettes, creative volumes, and of course color. The colors of the season have smoldering undertones and warm shades throughout. Dusty Pink shades mixed with purple hues of lavender and plum continue to dominate the runways and put people in a comfortable mood for fall. Traditional colors such as black will continue to make a big impact, while lighter shades of gray, cement and cool blues create a more upbeat vibe for the season. Caramel is also popular, and a go-to shade for quick expressive styling. Lastly, the one shade that is usually considered the oddball of the season. Last year it was citrus orange, while this season, it’s turf shade green. This spring-inspired shade makes an appearance in knitwear and accessories. Fall 2018-19 colors are tran-seasonal and easy to wear.