woman at Sun Kissed Fashion Show at Pearland Town Center

Pearland Town Center Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Sun Kissed Fashion Show

Pearland Town Center, a prominent regional shopping mall located in Pearland, Texas, recently celebrated its 15th anniversary in style. 

A Growing Center in Pearland, Texas:

Pearland, Texas, with a population of 125,798, is a vibrant city that has experienced significant growth over the years. Pearland Town Center, developed with a unique "lifestyle center" concept, has played a crucial role in the city's retail landscape since its completion in 2008. Managed by CBL & Associates, the center continues to expand and attract shoppers with its diverse range of offerings.



The Sun Kissed Fashion Show:

To commemorate Pearland Town Center's 15th anniversary, the Sun Kissed fashion show was organized by Jennifer K. Johnson, the owner of JenniBelle Boutique. This highly anticipated event showcased the latest trends from various brands located within the center. Attendees were treated to evening an of fashion, entertainment, and excitement.


Live Performances and Spectacular Effects:

The fashion show kicked off with a captivating live performance by Reggie Jamz, setting the tone for the evening. As the models strutted down the runway, the audience was enthralled by a live fire and fog show, adding an extra touch of glamour and excitement to the event. The combination of fashion and live entertainment made the Sun Kissed fashion show a truly unforgettable experience.


Rave Reviews and Future Collaborations:

The Sun Kissed fashion show received rave reviews from attendees, who praised the organization, creativity, and overall execution of the event. Jennifer K. Johnson, the mastermind behind the fashion show, expressed her excitement about partnering with Pearland Town Center for future events. This collaboration promises to bring even more innovative and exciting experiences to the center's visitors.



Pearland Town Center's 15th anniversary celebration was a testament to the center's continued success and growth. The Sun Kissed fashion show, coordinated by Jennifer K. Johnson of JenniBelle Boutique, was a highlight of the event, featuring a variety of brands available at the center. The inclusion of live performances, special effects, and positive reviews from attendees further solidified the success of the fashion show. As Pearland Town Center looks towards the future, collaborations with Jennifer K. Johnson and other local partners promise to bring even more engaging and memorable events to the center.