Rihanna Super Bowl Revealed!!!

Rihanna Super Bowl Revealed!!!

Sunday night, the biggest game of the year took place, and—as always—it was an incredible show. But even more exciting than the actual game was the halftime performance by Rihanna.

Rihanna Super Bowl

Sunday  night, the biggest game of the year took place, and—as always—it was an incredible show. But even more exciting than the actual game was the halftime performance by Rihanna. Not only did she put on a great show, but she also made a significant announcement that had everyone talking. Let's dive into what went down last night!


The Performance

Rihanna lit up the Super Bowl stage with a bang when she started her set with "Bitch Better Have My Money." After asking, "What's My Name?" and incorporating an interpolation of "Cockiness (Love It) into her 2011 Grammy-nominated hit, RiRi took it back to 2007 by performing "Umbrella." To top things off in a spectacular fashion fitting for the Queen herself - RiRi shot right back skyward! At that moment, there was undoubtedly no diamond brighter than our girl.


The Outfit

Rihanna took to the stage wearing a custom-designed outfit that looked like it had come straight out of a futuristic fantasy world. She rocked a fire engine red latex jumpsuit from Loewe and paired it with an ultra-cozy leather puffer scarf featuring built-in gloves from Alaïa. For some added flare, she wore matching MM6 Maison Margiela x Salomon Cross High Sneakers plus oversized custom outerwear designed by Pieter Mulier for Alaïa—all topped off with only a few diamond earrings and a watch as accessories. Her hair was styled in long braids that cascaded over her back, and her makeup look was fierce—think matte red lips and glitter eyeliner. Some say her outfit made her stand out like a beacon of light as she took to the stage and dazzled the crowd. Rihanna looked like a goddess on that stage, and her outfit was undoubtedly fit for one!  

The Baby Reveal

Everyone's favorite bad girl, Rihanna, rocked the stage this Super Bowl Sunday with a fiery performance and an exciting announcement: she has another baby on board! After rubbing her stomach to accentuate her growing bump midway through the show, it was officially confirmed that RiRi would soon become a mama of two - congrats are to both mom and dad-to-be A$AP Rocky. It seems 2023 is already looking up as we welcome their new addition later this year - here's hoping they have some leftover pep from all those halftime dance moves!

The Reactions

As expected, social media went wild after last night's events unfolded. Fans quickly began tweeting about both Rihanna's fantastic performance as well as her baby reveal; clearly, this was an event that people won't soon forget! Some Twitter users posted heartfelt congratulations, while others admired such an iconic moment during one of America's favorite events. Either way, it's safe to say that last night will go down in history as one of Rihanna's best performances!


Regardless of your opinion on football or babies or even RiRiherself, you must admit that last night was something special. Congratulations again to Rihanna on this exciting news - we can't wait for more updates from you soon! Now if you'll pardon my exit, I'm off to jam out to Rihanna's "Umbrella" again! But honestly, the more times it plays, the better.