How To Glam up your fashion after a Pandemic

How To Glam up your fashion after a Pandemic

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A deep dive on how to give your wardrobe a complete facelift and get rid of the pandemic blues!

Let's face it: the COVID-19 pandemic wasn't precisely the finest hour for our wardrobes! Because of the tense situation and all the restrictions, most of us spent a lot of time indoors, favoring comfort and practicality over glamour and haute couture. However, things are finally starting to loosen up. As restrictions are relaxing, we can dive deeper into our social lives and continue from where we hit the pause button. Chances are, your closet might need some refreshing at this point! Keep reading to learn more about glamming up your closet after the pandemic.

A fresh start.
One of the best things you can do is get a fresh perspective on your closet space. Take some time to take a deeper look at what you currently have in your collection and ask yourself some questions. Are you wearing this item? Does this make you feel good? Does it still feel like you? It's only natural that we outgrow certain things. At times, we simply get tired of certain clothes or accessories. This might certainly happen, especially after about two years of the pandemic, without the opportunity to wear many exciting new clothes. Plants in your closet space from items that you simply do not care anymore or that you do not like as much can be a great opportunity and an impetus to start on a high note and buy something different to add more glamour to your wardrobe and clothes selection.

Try something different.

As mentioned earlier, spicing up your wardrobe can be an amazing opportunity to try something different. You do not necessarily need to reinvent your whole look. Sometimes, even something as simple as trying out a new accessory, such as a bracelet or a new color, can do wonders. One of the best things about what we wear is that we can use our outfits and accessories to express who we are and how we feel. Stylish clothes can also help us feel more confident and energetic. The right outfit can boost our moods when it comes to facing our daily routines or simply feeling more ready and excited about the day (or night) ahead!

Online shopping.

Shopping at an actual store can be quite fun. It's a great way to touch and feel the fabric or the materials and try things on before you commit. However, the aftereffect of the pandemic still means that shopping in actual stores is far from the pleasant experience it once used to be. There is still a lot of stress that we might find ourselves in: vaccination checks, mandatory masks, limited capacity, lack of dressing rooms - The restrictions are still in place in many public businesses, especially clothing shops. For this reason, purchasing clothes online can be a great way to refresh your whole wardrobe without the hassle and the waste of time of scrambling for something new in a shop. Many people might be a bit worried about buying something online, but it's a super seamless experience today. Many services will let you order various items just to try them on and only charge you for what you keep, with free return policies. Many companies have adapted to the needs of shoppers in such a time, and the fashion industry is no different. From mainstream brands to explosive boutique fashion products, it is possible to purchase online from almost any major outlet or brand. In addition, the market for "fashion exchanges" and pre-loved items is also on the rise. Think of it as an online version of thrift shopping, only you get to know exactly what to get and don't have to hope to score a nice find in a rack or sales bin!

Get inspired.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to start if you want to add more glamour to your wardrobe. It can be cool to look at the world around you for inspiration. For example, you could make suggestions or cues from your friends or even celebrities you love. There are so many Tastemakers and influencers in the world of fashion, and every day there is new and exciting content that can help you find something that will fit your style and personality. We are not saying that you need to go and copy a famous person or a friend: it's all about getting a feel for what's out there and getting inspired to make a change yourself!

Be seasonal!

One of the best ways to add something new to your wardrobe is to think in terms of what you will wear for every season. Many people tend to get caught up with the clothes they like, and they tend to buy new things on a whim, without really thinking about how often or how long through the year they can wear those things. However, it can be smart to move the finger head and start deciding how you want to look in the approaching season. For instance, summer is already on the way, and it won't be long before sunny days and relaxing times. Have you already considered what you will want to wear? It may seem silly, but being consistent can help you build a theme for your identity and fashion throughout the year. You can also obviously leave some wiggle room in case you find something that you fancy at the last minute, or you wanna hop on a hot new trend. The perfect glam closet should be a great compromise between spontaneity and forward-thinking choices. They are all about showcasing your true identity and fashion sensibility to the world.

Have a little fun.

If you think about it, many people have spent the last two years wearing plain, comfortable outfits mostly to spend time at home. Well, it's finally time to have a little bit of fun! The beauty of today's fashion world is the fact that he can be incredibly diverse. In other words, there's not just a single way to look stylish and fashionable. There are so many currents in the fashion industry. So many different approaches and styles, and it's incredible because you can identify something that speaks to you. Today, casual can be extremely elegant. On the other end, formal attire can easily be adapted to a more informal setting. It seems like in 2022, one of the "goals" of the fashion industry is to break the rules. There's a lot of playfulness going on if you look at what's happening in the world of fashion today. Perhaps, the austerity of the pandemic had something to do with this new trend. People simply want to have some fun, and they want to stop taking themselves too seriously, wearing something that will represent their personality and vibe.
In conclusion, these are only some of the many ways in which you can add more glamour to your wardrobe and spice things up after the routine of the pandemic. Style expert Jennifer Johnson, who is the owner of a chic boutique in Houston area (Pearland Town Center), would love to be your personal style expert!
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