About us

Founder and Fashion Guru Jennifer Johnson began JenniBelle Boutique in 2011.

However, with her pursuit to focus on her professional career in the corporate world, she stopped the boutique for years.

Nevertheless, her being passionate about fashion has led her way to where she is right now.

Her dreams never died in her heart. She believes that when God puts a dream in your heart, it never dies. It just gets stronger with faith and love.

She used to be that girl who would love to cut out fabrics for her little dolls to create that ultimate look.

And with that enthusiasm, comes the birth of JenniBelle Boutique.

Back in 2017, she started ordering clothes just for fun.

But, it was in 2018 when she finally decided to get back to her passion – making every woman feel their best with her unique eye for style.

In 2019, she got the opportunity to co-operate a space among seven (7) other entrepreneurs. And from there, Jennifer took a leap of faith and she got her own shop in the Pearland Town Center.

Jenni loves the shades of hot pink and black. It both represents boldness and a touch of being classy. Just like who she is.

She aims to be the leading expert in the world of fashion. JenniBelle is all about that everyday woman who comes from all walks of life.

A woman who loves to feel good, look good, and be the best version of herself, and being sexy in her own skin.

JenniBelle is a clothing brand that is fun, bold, classy, wild at times, sassy, but most of all, stunningly sexy!

JenniBelle is young at heart. A woman who likes to hang out, desires to find love, or may have already found love.

The JenniBelle woman is a dreamer and bold in whom she is. She strives to be the best version of herself no matter where she’s at in life!

Jennifer lives by the motto, “Fashion has no rules, and encourages every woman to be their best self with their own taste of fashion.

JenniBelle Boutique - What do we do for you?

At JenniBelle Boutique, we provide you with the best shopping experience.

While customer satisfaction matters most for us, we are committed to helping you look your best and inspire your confidence within.

We have the perfect combination of women’s clothing and jewelry pieces that are perfectly tailored to meet your fashion needs.

Here, we believe that fashion has no rules. You can be beautiful, chic, and stunning by wearing your own fashion style.

We have the best team that can assist you with anything to identify your fashion needs.

As we grow our business in the coming years, it is our passion to offer our clients the best clothing brand and jewelry in the fashion world.

Our commitment always revolves around making every woman feel their very best and look best all the time.

With that, JenniBelle Boutique now offers the best virtual and in-store Image Consultancy Services to our lovely clients.

Come and visit us in the Pearland Location, Pearland Town Center. See for yourself the best clothing and jewelry collections we have in store for you!

Give us a call at 832-290-1401 and let’s get started!

In JenniBelle Boutique you are always in. To make you look your best is our utmost passion and dedication.