About us

About us

What is Jennibelle Boutique ?

Jennibelle Boutique was fashioned out of love by Fashion Guru Jennifer Johnson for the positive and inspiring vibe of uplifting women to live in their authenticity along with a high-end style.

She found passion to channel her life experiences into styling women with a different edge to the fashion plus inspirational space while allowing artistic mastery to flow free of any distractions

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Our Mission

Started off by staying ambitious in delivering women a path to discover new prospects across the galaxy of style and with the task of being affordable globally while styling a way for them to stand out and exhibit modern trends through our clothing creatively designed to be worn on any occasion, any day.

Imagine our designs transformed into your ultimate source driving you to feel motivated and inspired. We definitely are not claiming our clothing can give you that kind of positivity and chic.  In fact, we are!

Our inspiration

Our inspiration has always been to be a brand for positive vibes and stay true to our mantra, motivating women to mirror their beliefs that are kept close to their hearts as they become their best versions. We candidly trust that clothing enhances individuality as we provide women a trendy way to have fun being sassy, exclusive, and confident.

Over the years, our creative space has grown as we embrace new trends yet the vibrant goal will and has always been preserved as having each one of YOU at the center of all that we design.

We stay hopeful that our clothing empowers and encourages you to look at your very best, be bold, and carry yourself with the pride that you earn.

So, welcome to our stylish world. Not just will you treasure the WOW factor but also feel the positivity when you gaze in the mirror and be fully styled to challenge the cosmos of adventures.

Your positive bold life begins HERE!

 Diversity & Inclusion Statement

1. Welcoming Diversity, Just the way we are

2. Carving a gorgeous mosaic of talent

3. Rejoicing both common and different

4. Moving Inclusively Ahead with Diversity

Statement 1:

Diversity is a vibrant part of our character and we stay devoted to fostering diversity and inclusion at every level externally and internally. At Jennibelle Boutique, Diversity and Inclusion are not only words, they are the resources that empower us to be special as we make the most of our success and individual roles to deliver the best.


Statement 2:

We reinforce ourselves through diversity-driven designs as we advance our strength and confidence by fostering an environment where the liveliest of ideas and originality empower us to deliver fine experiences. We go all-out to recognize the talents of a diverse workforce along with shaping an inclusive environment bestowing us to meet the goals of our team and thosewe serve alike

 Founders Message:

As Founder of Jennibelle Boutique, I certainly believe that if we paint a spot in the hearts of women across the communities by providing them with the best designs and classy aesthetics available, the prospects for our growthwill be boundless regardless of how tough the environment.


Unlike other brands whose vital goals are to size their own profits, we go all out to reflect the detail every styling of yours deserves and are energizedwith the right creative grit to understand your need for a classy brand.


Today, we remain as animated about this as we did the very first time as there is yet quite some work to be done. As professionals who believe that“Fashion has no rules”, we should encourage the changes we need to see and be the change ourselves.

I surely could not want anything more than to make this promise that I and Jennibelle Boutique will go all out to give our full efforts to outdo your expectations. Your trust has made the brand into what it is today, and I hope that such enthusiasm stays nearby.    

Yours Sincerely

Jennifer Johnson