WHAT YOU’LL EXPERIENCE… Inside The Closet Edit Package If you’re tired of feeling like you have a closet full of clothes but a lack of clarity around which pieces actually suit your style, or make sense for where you’re currently at in life…you’ll be in the right place with this package! The Closet Edit Package helps you clear through the clutter and figure out exactly what you have, and how to use it. Whereas in the past you may have done more of an organization in order to tackle your clothes, the editing process is designed to assist you in easily and effortlessly letting go of what no longer serves you, while focusing on everything else that does. virtual-stylist Phase One The first phase of The Closet Edit Package is designated towards establishing the look of your style – at work, off duty, going out, vacation, and any other area that may pertain to your unique lifestyle. This is what we use as our baseline to assess everything in your closet against. If an item in question doesn’t align with the look of your desired style, then we’ll know it most likely no longer belongs in your closet. virtual-closet-edit Phase Two Phase two is all about the editing process, where we help you determine – item by item – what to keep, what to let go of, and what to revist again in 6 months time (if you feel like you can’t make an immediae decision). During this phase we’ll assist you in coming up with outfit ideas for any pieces you’re struggling with, and show you simple strategies for getting the maximum utility out of your wardrobe. virtual-closet-edit-1 Phase Three In the final phase of the package, once your edit is complete, we’ll put together a comprehensive list of everything you’re currently missing in your wardrobe and suggestions on what to add in the future. This is designed to help you shop intentionally. We’ll also provide you with a Stores-and-Brands Database; a list of suggested places to shop from, based on your aesthetic, body type, lifestyle and budget.

This Package Includes: ✔️ One-on-one editing over Zoom, plus unlimited text and email support. ✔️ 9-Step Personalized Closet Edit: results in an expert determination of exactly what to do with each item in your wardrobe – what to keep, what to donate/get rid of, what to tailor. ✔️ Wardrobe Inventory Planner: downloadable workbook designed to keep your closet organized. ✔️ Outfit Creation: learn how to make new outfit combinations using what you already own. ✔️ Future Shopping List: a personalized breakdown of what’s missing in your closet, and suggestions on what to add. ✔️ Stores + Brands Database: recommended places to shop from, including petite, tall, plus size, sustainable and affordable brands. ✔️ Lifetime access to our Facebook style community for on-going trainings, masterclasses, guest features and live Q+As.